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Commencing from January 2013, all accounts holding  assets (principal) less than $10,000, $6,000  and $2,500 in classes A, B and C respectively shall no longer eligible to receive compounding rate following 2013 re-insurance scheme as required by insurer and regulation. It is aimed at protecting all asset against vulnerable market risk. In order for accounts to fully receive compounding rate,  the investor is required to shore up his principal to $10,000 for class A, $6,000 for class B and $2,500 for class C.  Accounts that have benefited from the compounding rate program previously, lately are automatically enrolled. All accounts holding more than $10,000 asset are not affected by this re-insurance program.

Class A: This is an account holding between $5,000 and $9,999
Class B: Is an account holding between $2,500 and $4,999
Class C: Is an account holding between $1,000 and  $2,499

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