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Resources Liability Cee Gems Limited is one of the fastest growing precious metal trading companies in the Asia.

Located at the centre of  business hub in Far East Asia, we are a stable, well financed supplier of  precious metals with an excellent reputation.

We trade, and supply  precious materials from the Jewelry, Mining, Electronic, and Industrial  sectors. We have the expertise and capacity to handle precious metal lots of  any type or size.

Presently we supply and  maintain an account with Republic Metals Corporation, one of the largest and  ever growing precious metal refiners in the United States of America.

Following  adverse economic crisis which has broken temporary solutions ruling the world  economy since mid-1980s, and the realization that profits are not only  generated through production but also through circulation and exchange; we have  diversified our business activities to foreign exchange market (forex).

Why choose Resources  Liability Cee Gems Limited for investment?

      ▪ RLCG are able to supply  large lots with fast payment from her refiner
      ▪ RLCG have the direct  mining sources and procure 100% of the precious material
      ▪ RLCG have reputable  investment management expertise
      ▪ Investor(s) may witness  supply any time
      ▪ Our staff are dedicated to  our customers


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